recent projects

  • Folding windows and doors

    Geraerts industrial spraying Industrial Wood coating in Someren (N-B) sprays, among other things, window frames, doors, windows, sheet material and timber. You can choose from almost all water-based coatings. We only use the best quality paint. We are an innovative company and work environmentally conscious.

  • Spray tubes

    Geraerts is the only company in the world that sprays heating pipes (greenhouse rail) into greenhouses. We do this with the efficient electrostatic spray robot we have designed ourselves. Do you know that white tubes reflect more than 50 percent more light and give 10 percent more heat output ... That saves you a lot in energy costs.

  • Interior

    Give your interior a wow effect with a new color, a new print. We spray your kitchen, furniture, (office) interior and stands in any color, print and effect. The possibilities are endless. We work for both companies and individuals. We would like to inform you about the possibilities.