Exterior spraying


Spuiterij Geraerts works with the KOMO certificate

Spuiterij Geraerts Industrial Wood Coating sprays, among other things, sheet material, longitudinal timber, frames, doors and windows,


Coating for almost all types of wood

We offer almost all water-based coatings for almost all types of wood: for primers, pre-varnishes, opaque or transparent. Spuiterij Geraerts’ industrial wood coating has the KOMO certificate. Quality control ensures complete control of the process and business operations.


Cost-effective technology

The spraying of doors, frames and windows in a pre-paint is starting to take more and more forms. The advantage is that the frames and doors then only have to be painted once, while otherwise this has to be done twice. This technique is cost effective. We offer high-quality paint systems (more with less!) That increase durability and simplify maintenance.



Painting of frames, doors and windows under KOMO delivered in two versions, Concept I, II or III.

Concept I is the well-known hardwood facade element, primed. The subsequent finishes, such as glazing and the pre-coat and top coat, must be applied within six months of delivery;
Concept II is provided with sill covers, nose bars, a pre-paint layer and protective provisions on the lying and vulnerable parts. The subsequent finish, the top coat, must be applied within 18 months of delivery.
Concept III fully lacquered and possibly glazed frames and (if applicable) doors.

More information about concept I, II and III for frames, doors, windows KOMO, see downloads >