Test number : 2017904

Topic : Pipe paint coating


Contributor : Mr. G. Geraerts, Spraying shop Geraerts, Crafts 10, 5711 LC Someren, NL.



Purpose of the inspection

To investigate the likelihood of damage in horticultural crops grown in greenhouses and warehouses, in which this coating is used to protect (heating) pipes.




For this test 2 samples of a total of 600 cm 2 were treated by the client with the coating. These two samples were delivered to Wageningen UR on 15 March. The test for these samples started on 15 March.



Execution of the inspection

The test was carried out in an insulated room in which four flat bins were installed. Each container has a capacity of 0.6 m3 and is covered with a one-rider. The bins are equipped with electric heating. The temperature is regulated centrally with the aid of a thermostat. The space is ventilated intermittently with air from outside the test bins. One bin was used as neutral space without steel, while one of the three other trays was used for the test with coating SB painted steel. Each tank is connected to a stove by means of a steel pipe. In the stove, the two samples were placed in a closed can. The temperature in the can is always kept at 95 ° C. This temperature is broadly in line with the estimated maximum value that a coating can achieve in a commercial greenhouse. The vapors from the can have been intermittently brought into the tank via the pipe with the help of a fan. The temperature in the tank was almost constant 2324o C and the bins lit with fluorescent light (18 hours per day). Young plants of cucumber, Chinese cabbage and kohlrabi that were grown under artificial light were used in the experiments. The condition of the plants is assessed almost daily.



Results of the inspection

During the 15-day experiment with the coated samples, no growth abnormalities or any discoloration was observed in any of the tested crops that may have been caused by the coating used (see photos).




In view of the result of the experiment and given the large overdose, it can be expected that this coating will not cause any problems in practice. The KAS 201707 approval code has been assigned to the PIPE PAINT H51 SB coating.




This report does not relate to the quality and soundness of this coating.


Wageningen, 30 March 2017 Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture Postbus 644, 6700 AP Wageningen