Latest Projects

  • Some realized project where we sprayed several pipes with our Pipe Paint:

    - Schenkeveld Schiphol, the Netherlands
    - Combivliet Middenmeer, the Netherlands
    - Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates
    - AgroCare, Tunisia
    - Serres de la Chapelle, France

  • Pipes dye spray, all tubes are made of 1 paint layer, 8 ha new build, tomato cultivation

    pipe paint heating pipes paint heating pipes pipe paint heating pipes

    A new greenhouse pipe is painted with paint, the first greenhouse is already in use with tomato plants.

  • painting 5 ha new greenhouse heating pipes , with Pipe Paint
    Al pipes are painted by one paint layer

    greenhouse pipe painting heating pipes greenhouses are painted with paint painting greenhouses heatingpipes robot painting

    painting heating pipes , Pipe Paint 10 ha new greenhouse for project AgroCare, Netherlands, Tomatoes Greenhouse, The Heating Pipes are painted 1x , new heating pipes

  • painting the heatingpipes , Pipe Paint 5 ha new greenhouse for project Purnatur AG, Zwitserland, pipes are painted 2x , pipes paint spray machine

  • Painting heating pipes system / rail system with pipe paint 5 ha renovations, refinishing project, 1x spraying pipe paint ,cumcumber / gurke / Pipe Paint

  • Spraying Heating Pipes, Pipe Paint Agriland, 40110 Morcenx, France We paint the Pipes of the New Greenhouse 7ha whith 2 paint layers_ pipe paint, Agriland produces tomatoes.

  • Spraying Heating pipes, pipe paint , painting pipes Kainz & Mayer Marchfeldtomaten, A-2283 Obersiebenbrunn, Oostenrijk expansion of existing greenhouse to 13ha, Kainz & Mayer produces cocktail, cherry tomatoes.

  • spraying pipes, with pipe paint, 4evergreen westdorpe With the new building (phase 2) of 18 hectares growing Zeeland Flanders establishment into 28 hectares of greenhouses. In total, the family business with the expansion tipped the 80 hectares of greenhouses spread over six locations. spray robot heating pipes paint greenhouse painting heating pipes pipe paint greenhouse pipe paint painting heating pipes paint greenhouse pipes

    Update the Heatingpises, pipes are painted in existed greenhouse from Tuindershoek , Westdorpe The 10 ha. greenhouse with existing heating pipes are painted with the spraying robot , product pipe paint

  • painting heating pipes, pipe paint, Adrichem greenhouses location Westdorpe new greenhouse 10 ha. is painted with our painting machine Th redstar greenhouse, painting heating pipes / pipe paint from the new greenhouse 10 HA, greenhouse is painted in two layers whith our pipe coating to get a premium result !

  • painting heating pipes at Pro Forest Ab, Övermark, Finland existing greenhouse and new the Greenhouse is painted with our pipe coating

  • painting pipes Bionatur Roses S.L., Spain- Garray, 15 ha new greenhouse all Heating Pipes are quick painted whith our automatic pipe painting machine and pipe coating

  • painting pipes with pipe coating , Combivliet, Middenmeer, 10 ha new greenhouse

  • Wollsdorfer Beerenproductions gmbh, Raab , Oostenrijk , spraying heatingpipes / pipe paint of the new greenhouse

  • Höfler Nürnberg , spraying the pipe rail system in the new greenhouse with pipe coating

  • Gartenbau Merschl gmbh, oostenrijk, painting pipe, refinishing existing greenhouse

  • Greenco, painting pipe rail system, with pipe paint

    Greenco , producer and packager of snack vegetables, has invested in a new garden in Wieringermeer. At nearly 10 hectares will be there year round snack tomatoes are grown.