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Nitrile Gloves


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  • Nitrile glove protects the hand
  • No soiled hands
  • Nitril is made from an allergy safe material
  • Very comfortable to wear

· Very good mechanical resistance
· Material: Nitrile
· There is a high degree of protection against solvents
· Flexible and convenient
· durable
· Height: 32 cm
· Size: 10
· EN 388 and 374 – Category 3

Chemical industry, heating pipes painting

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Nitrile gloves, a synthetic alternative to latex gloves

If you are looking for a synthetic alternative to latex gloves because of allergies or other inconveniences, you shoulddefinitely opt for nitrile gloves. The latest technology developments have made it possible for nitrile gloves to beextraordinary strong, yet feel softer to the skin and a lot less ‘synthetic’. Nitrile gloves are made of allergy safe material.They are latex free and therefore will not cause any specific latex related allergies. They are very comfortable, elastic, much more durable and will protect your hands at all times. Since these gloves are also highly puncture resistant, they areable to withstand wear and damage. Tears and holes will practically be non-existent.

Powder free and disposable

These disposable gloves are perfect for single-use applications, but also for a longer period of time and can be used for avariety of different purposes. They offer lightweight protection from any dirt, (medical) fluids or chemicals. So whetheryou are doing household chores like cleaning or dishwashing, or you are painting or working with (heavy) chemicals,these gloves will keep your hands safe and clean. That is why they are not only frequently used in the medical andelectronics industry, but also for tattooing, handling food, pet care or baby care, to name but a few and varied examples.

These nitrile gloves are also powder free. They have undergone a process known as chlorination, making it easy for the gloves to slide over your hands without sticking to the skin. No powder needed. When you have used these disposablegloves, simply take them off and just throw them away.

Nitrile gloves versus latex gloves

Since there are so many different kinds of gloves on the market, each with their own qualities and specifics, it can be quitea task to figure out and decide which one is best for you. To make your choice a little easier, we have listed the pros and cons of latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves so you can compare the three of them.


Latex gloves are made out of rubber, a natural material. They are very comfortable, stretchy and strong, and have a perfectfit. They are often referred to as ‘a second skin’. An other advantage is that they are biodegradable. Usually latex glovesare also lightly powdered and are therefore easy to put on and take off. They are often the number one choice for medicalor industrial use because they offer great protection for infectious materials, chemicals or contamination. However, these are not the best option if your skin does not handle latex well.

Nitrile gloves, on the other hand, are the perfect solution in case one might suffer from latex allergies. They are made outof a synthetic rubber, 100% free of allergens, which make these gloves an ideal alternative to latex ones. Nitrile glovestend to mold to your hand providing a great fit. A higher puncture resistance and durability are also main advantages. Thatis why hospitals and other medical institutions like to refer to these gloves as ‘medical grade’, making them the popular choice for medical examinations. Similar to the latex ones, nitrile gloves are also perfect when you need to deal with chemicals. They are affordable, have a long shelf life and you can use them for a long period of time. Contrary to latex gloves however, nitrile gloves are mostly not biodegradable.

A third option is the vinyl glove. These are particularly useful in the food industry and for low risk tasks. Vinyl gloves have a looser fit than the latex and nitrile gloves which means it fits either hand and they are very easy to put on and take off. Out of the three, vinyl gloves are the most inexpensive option.