Paint heating pipes

Protect your heating pipes and earn money. Our coating offers years of protection against oxidation. With the Pipe Paint developed by us, tubes give more heat and light. This combination paint (steel-blend and topcoat combined in one paint) is ideal for greenhouse horticulture.

fast, easy and safe to use
suitable as ground and cover layer for heating pipes, growth pipe, hoisting heating and other ironwork and constructions.


The paint has a high hiding power, is resistant to moisture and high temperatures and is safe for your crops. If used judiciously, the coating does not entail any risk. The processing of this tube paint is also easier than ever. Our standard coating is specially colored. The blue glow provides a brighter appearance and excellent hiding power.

The advantages at a glance: • White tubes produce around 55 percent more light reflection and ten percent more heat.
The tube temperature can thus be reduced to approx. 3 ° C in the greenhouses;
• Pipe Paint is a ground and finishing layer in one, with a high corrosion resistance;
• Pipe Paint is environmentally friendly. and crop-friendly. The paint is low in aromatics and harmless for the crops after drying.

Pipe paint cans

Machinally or manually?

If the tubes are stuck to the wall in greenhouses, we paint by hand (shoe). In manual painting you choose to apply one or two layers of Pipe Paint. Almost always one layer is sufficient for maintenance work. Manual painting is usually done with a washcloth or paint glove. Pipe Paint is a satin-coated pipe coating with active anti-corrosion pigments.


Pipe Paint is suitable for painting new pipes and for maintenance work. Because Pipe Paint has the hardness of a finish, combined with menia, there is corrosion in every layer. Pipe Paint is a high quality steel blend and offers years of protection. The product is completely tailor-made for this application technique and application.

pipe paint has been extensively tested by WUR wageningen for the emission of toxic fumes. Four sensitive crops (tomato, cucumber, kohlrabi and radish) have undergone extensive testing under the worst possible conditions and no visible or physiological effects have been observed on any of the plant species that can be attributed to the paint treatment.

This product is available in 20 liter packaging.

Washcloths and paint gloves are available in our webshop.