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Paint Mitt


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  • Glove absorbs a lot of paint
  • Easy whole tube around
  • Distribution of paint is ideal

What Are Paint Mitts and Are They Right for me?

If you’re new to painting then you may not know what a paint mitt is. Luckily, we can help you understand what paint mitts are so that you can decide whether or not they are the right tool to help you.

What are Paint Mitts?

At their very simplest, a paint mitt is an alternative tool to the standard paint brushes that you might normally buy. They are useful for applying paint to a large number of different surfaces and make a potentially big job quick and painless.

Paint mitts are specialist microfiber painting gloves and are designed specifically to allow you to paint complex or otherwise awkward surfaces quickly, cleanly, and easily. They are commonly used by DIYers and professional painters alike to give a consistent quality finish to odd shaped surfaces that might be tricky to paint evenly in any other situation.

Why Should I Choose Paint Mitts?

The thought of painting with your hands is often something that repulses most adults. Indeed, finger painting is something that children enjoy, and you might be wondering, isn’t using paint mitts just a grown up version of that?

Well, no. In fact, not only they’re great tools for you to use, they can also give a far better finish for some painting projects than your generic tools might be able to. Most often, they are used in areas which are seemingly hard to paint.

But what are the benefits? Are paint mitts the right choice for you?

Easy to Use

One of the biggest benefits of choosing paint mitts for your next painting project is their ease of use. Indeed, unlike brushes which can be fiddly to work with, it’s hard to go wrong with a paint mitt! The mitt itself slips over your hand like a normal glove and is fully waterproof. This allows you to submerge your hand fully in a bucket or tray of paint, allowing you to paint and stain surfaces with ease. They can be used with many types of paint, and best of all, you can do so without actually staining your skin!


Another benefit is its accuracy. Indeed, unlike some other painting tools, the paint mitt allows for a far superior level of control. This makes them great for faux finishing and creating textures and artistic effects. Not only will it give a better finish, but this will also save you time and frustration, too—allowing you to be productive for longer and ensuring that you enjoy your painting time.


Painting mitts are great for their versatility. Then can be used on many different surfaces, including railing, columns, fences, and walls. This versatility means that you can easily paint any surface without having to worry about uneven brush marks or missed areas!

Getting the Right Paint Mitts

Think paint mitts could be the right type of painting tool for you? Here at Painting Pipes, We stock a wide range of pro paint mitt options, all of which are made from premium fabric. Our paint mitts are also fully waterproof to ensure that you don’t get stained by stubborn paint mixes, too.

You’ll never have to compromise on the perfect quality mitts again. Get the finish that your walls deserve with your own paint mitts today; we guarantee that you’ll be able to see the difference!