Painting Heating Pipes

If you have heating pipes in your greenhouse, you need to take care to make sure that you paint them properly. Painting heating pipes is not as easy as painting other, generic types of pipes and so it is important to make sure that you know what you are doing in advance, so that you get the best possible finish. As part of this goal, it is imperative that you use premium quality spray paint, especially one which serves as an incredibly resistant paint, and should ideally use an oil based primer first as well to prepare the pipes for painting.

Cleaning and Preparing the Pipes

Before spray painting heating pipes, it is essential that you first prepare the pipes. This might sound silly, but it is true; poor cleaning and preparation will probably mean that the spray paint won’t be able to cling to the surface of the heating pipes, or will otherwise not give a clean and even coating. Ideally, for used pipes, a gentle clean with our Steel Cleaner will help to remove any dust and debris that may interfere with the spray painting process. Keep alert for signs of leaves in particular, as these are one of the most common causes of poor adhesion of paint to the pipes; using an oil based primer will help in this regard.

The Painting Process

We have a range of innovative pipe painting equipment here at our office. Our pipe painting equipment allows us to ensure that every inch of pipe is evenly coated. This, in turn, gives us the chance to provide a superior standard of adhesion for your spray paint.

The durability and adhesive abilities, when applied in this manner, ensures that our resistant paint range will protect your pipes against rusting and give you a premium and professional quality finish for your pipes overall.

Alternatively, you could try painting your pipes by hand—but there are a plethora of different disadvantages of this instead of painting your hot water pipes with a sprayer. Trying to use small aerosol cans will be incredibly labor intensive and likely the materials will also have high costs. Furthermore, trying to paint with a brush will give an inconsistent thickness of application and will likely leave unsightly brush strokes in the paint, as well.

Why Choose Our Spray Paint for Heating Pipes?

Our own range of premium quality spray paints give your greenhouse’s pipes more reflectance and improved thermal performance over other types of spray paints. When applied with care and due attention to detail, they are thus able to work to help pipes stay three degrees celsius lower than they would otherwise be, promoting durability and safety.

Our unique system ensures that your hot water pipes are coated with a professional and uniform amount of paint. The short and quick application technique guarantees that you won’t have to waste time obsessing over small details, without compromising on the quality of the finish. Additionally, our metal “Coating 51” serves as a powerful oil based primer that encourages paint retention and adhesion and gives a top quality finish, while also providing the pipe with rust prevention properties.

Our system allows you to rapidly paint your property’s pipes while switching cultivars for existing greenhouses. So long as the pipes are clean and dry before the process begins, a great result will be delivered.

Superior adhesion and a higher quality finish overall. Why choose any other products?