Roof coating white: why it’s beneficial for your business

painting roof white

You’re probably familiar with the traditional black bitumen roof coating. That’s because it is highly affordable, easy to apply and provides decent protection against the elements. However, black roof coating has a major disadvantage: it gets hot. That’s why cool roofs are rapidly growing in popularity.

What is a cool roof?

‘Cool roof’ refers to roofing products that reflect, rather than absorb, most of the heat from sunlight. In more technical terms they have high solar reflectance (SR) and thermal emittance (TE) properties. This is achieved both by properties of the material and, most importantly, by its white color. White reflects heat while black absorbs it. This results in a major temperature difference. Tests have shown that black roof types can reach temperatures of up to 70-80°C, white reflective roof types will reach only 30°C

This temperature difference results in an interior temperature difference of 6-10°C. What this means for you? You’ll save up to 20% in energy costs for cooling systems. And because the demand on these cooling systems is lower, they will last longer, saving you even more money in the long run.

When should you coat your roof?

With age, roofs will begin to show signs of wear and tear. Wait too long before fixing this and you could end up with significant issues, such as roof leaks. This may even require a completely new roof, at three or four times the cost of a roof coating.

The best time to coat your roof is as soon as the first signs of aging appear. The coat will provide a new protective barrier against the elements and UV rays. Our white elastomeric roof coating is extremely durable. It is highly elastic, protects against moisture and UV rays, is frost resistant and can endure large fluctuations in temperature. It will protect your roof and add a lifespan of 10 years or more.

White roof paint versus white roof coating

You might think that white roof painting has a similar effect as white roof coating. After all, both result in a white, reflective surface. However, paint does not provide the benefits coating does. Even high quality paint will last no more than a couple of seasons before cracking or peeling. It also lacks all additional benefits of high quality white roof coating such as the elasticity, the protection against moisture, UV rays and frost, the resistance against temperature fluctuations and most importantly: its high solar reflectance and thermal emittance properties.


In short: paint has a very limited lifespan, does not protect the current roof coating, has no waterproofing abilities and has low reflective qualities. By contrast, our white elastomeric roof coating will provide durable, high quality protection for years to come.


Is elastomeric roof coating suitable for every roof type? And what is the cost?

The elastomeric roof coating can be applied to most commercial and industrial roof types such as bitumen, concrete, metal and EPDM roof surfaces. Wondering if your roof is suitable? Please contact us, we’re happy to discuss the details with you.


We can promise you a very competitive rate for our roof coatings. However, it’s impossible to provide an exact price without knowing the current condition of the roof. Factors such as roof surface, roof size and shape, existing damage and weather influences all affect the price we can offer you. Contact us to request a personal quote for your roof(s).


What does elastomeric mean, exactly?

Elasticity refers to the ability of a material to stretch, or expand and contract without damage. Elastomeric roof coatings have a high elasticity. As you might know, many materials, including roofs, will expand and contract slightly depending on the exterior temperature. Under these circumstances, a rigid roof coating that cannot expand would crack and peel as the roof expands. Think low quality paint. Alternatively, a roof coating that cannot contract will only stretch thinner and lose its durability and protective qualities. Think bubble gum.

What you want is a roof coating that expands and contracts along with your roof, without lasting effects or any tearing. And that’s exactly what elastomeric roof coatings do. They provide long-lasting quality because they are designed to move with the roof.

An additional benefit of elastomeric roof coatings is that they are seamless. The coating is liquid and is applied with a paint brush or roller. Its adhesive characteristics mean it will stick to your roof perfectly, no matter the weather conditions. And the lack of seams means a lower chance of roof leaks, since seams are always a weak point.


Ponding water resistance

A major issue with flat roofs is that they tend to have ponding water in specific areas. This can cause serious damage to the roof. New coating cannot always prevent the water from ponding. However, our coating does offer optimal protection against any damage resulting from the ponding water. It will not make your roof last forever – eventually, you will need to address the issue. But it will prevent extensive damage and leakage, while also providing all other benefits of white elastomeric roof coating.


Are you interested in white roof coating?

Are you considering getting your roofs coated in white? Great choice! Elastomeric roof coating in white offers the best for your roof: a highly reflective surface that saves you energy and money and a coating that will protect your roof for years.

We are glad to answer any questions you might have, whether you’re weighing various roof coatings against each other or you’re considering which company to work with. We are also happy to provide you with a personal quotation.

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