Technical File Pipe Paint WB53



Eigenschappen en toepassing

● Roestwerende pipe paint voor industriële toepassing met snelle droging en snelle watervastheid

● pipe paint WB53 kan na droging gemakkelijk met zichzelf overschilderd worden.

● na het schilderen ; bij opslag in de buiten atmosfeer afdekken met een dekzeil of plastic. Let op voor condensatie!




● stirring before use. The paint has to be filled in well and full so that sufficient layer thickness is achieved. Apply with a brush, paint roller or paint glove. Use a pipe paint roller to apply sufficient layer thickness and also difficult to paint places that are difficult to reach.



Surface preparation

● Provide dry, clean, dust and grease free under ground. This promotes the adhesion of the paint.




Recommended dry film thickness: 60 to 80 microns (minimum 2 layers)

Specific weight at 20 ° C: 1 liter = approx. 1.30 kg

Max. operating temperature pipe: 90 ° C thermoplastic

View after drying: Satin shine





Tools: After using the brush or glove completely immersed in water, can be used again next day

Dilution: Water, max. 10%

Tool cleaning: Water

Theoretical efficiency: 1 ltr for approx. 85 meters of heating pipe Ø 51mm

Dry Dust dry: 45 min. - 60 min.

Tack free: 60 min.

Drying is highly dependent (irrespective of layer thickness), air circulation and relative humidity

Dry: 4 hours - at 20 ° C and dry film thickness of 60 micron is already waterproof

Pierce: at 80 ° C for at least 4 hours. and ventilate well

Paintable with itself: after 4 hours

Conditions for application: Min. + 10 ° C surface temperature

Relative humidity & lt; 70% These conditions also persist during drying. Provide a dry, clean, dust and grease-free surface. This promotes the adhesion of the paint. Processing advice a minimum processing temperature of 12 ° C and a maximum relative humidity of 65%. For good drying film formation, and to prevent fly rust, we recommend to apply the product to pipes with a surface temperature of 18 to 26 ° C, and to ventilate sufficiently in the greenhouse to quickly drain any water vapor that is released.

Galvanized / powder-coated tubes:

- pretreat with primer SG_GALVAPRIM-PU

- no crop in the greenhouse

Color: cloud white

Packaging: 20L

Shelf life: 6 months in original, unopened packaging. ATTENTION: free from frost and temperatures above 35 ° C. The paint is irreversibly damaged in frost.





Transport regulations: ADR Not Regulated