White roof coating

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  • 20 m2 met een verpakking
  • Makkelijk zelf te verwerken met een tex roller
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White roof coating provides reflection on smooth bituminous roofs, including garages of houses, packing sheds and other (side) buildings. A white roof reduces the indoor temperature and lifetime extension of the roof covering.

White roof coating / Keep your roof cool

Most flat roofs in the Netherlands are covered with black bitumen. But the white roof is on the rise. Roof coating provides the black bitumen roof of your building with a white coating. As a result, the sunlight is reflected and not absorbed. This makes your white roof cooler and that saves a lot of energy costs. Research shows that one degree of cooling requires at least three times as much energy as heating one degree. The application of a light-colored (often white) ROOF COATING can reduce the indoor temperature by up to 6 ° C. In addition, roofing on a cooler roof lasts longer.

Air conditioning down
In production halls and offices the temperature can rise significantly in the summer. This has an effect on the energy costs (air conditioning) and perhaps on the motivation and the work pace of the employees. If you opt for a white roof, the business processes are less disturbed.

Advantages of white roof coating:

  • Roof doesn’t need not be pre-treated; this is done with the same product.
  • Low consumption; around 5 ltr  ± 17 m2
  • Save on energy costs
  • The difference can be up to 6 degrees Celsius

Instructions for use of roof coating:

Brush/clean/hose the surface thoroughly; ensure it is free of dirt, moss, sand and dust. – Apply; 1 layers during dry weather (ensure the weather forecast predicts it will be dry for at least four hours). (relative humidity

  • Consumption: 5 ltr package; about 17 m2