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White Roof Coating


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White roof coating also ensures that the interior space stays cooler. The inside temperature can drop by as much as 10°C due to a white roof coating. This allows you to save considerably on energy costs for air conditioning.

  • Spray the surface clean and dust-free beforehand
  • After cleaning, let the roof dry out before application!
  • Apply on dry surface
  • Do not use primer for adhesion

White roof coating provides reflection on smooth bituminous roofs, including garages of houses, packing sheds and other (side) buildings. A white roof reduces the indoor temperature and lifetime extension of the roof covering.

White roof coating / Keep your roof cool:

Most flat roofs in the Netherlands are covered with black bitumen. But the white roof is on the rise. Roof coating provides the black bitumen roof of your building with a white roof coating. As a result, the sunlight is reflected and not absorbed. This makes your white roof cooler and that saves a lot on energy costs. Research shows that cooling one degree requires at least three times as much energy as heating one degree. Applying a light-colored (often white) roof coating / roof coating can reduce the interior temperature by up to 6 ° C. In addition, roofing on a cooler roof lasts longer.

Air conditioning down:

In production halls and offices, the temperature can rise significantly in summer. This has an effect on energy costs (air conditioning) and possibly on the motivation and work pace of the employees. If you opt for a white roof, the business processes will be less disrupted.

White roof coating properties:

  • APPLICATIONS Suitable on bitumen roofing
    Based on mineral raw materials
    Dust dry after 30 minutes – recoatable after approx. 2 hours Available in white and on request in color Matt
  • EFFICIENCY 30m2 with a package **
  • SHELF LIFE In closed packaging in a cool and dry place – untouched

Advantages of a white roof coating:

  • SURFACE TEMPERATURE: A white roof heats up less than a black roof. The maximum temperature of a black roof fluctuates around 70 degrees, while a white roof does not get warmer than 40 degrees.
  • UV RESISTANCE: A white roof reflects sunlight, which keeps the roof cooler.
  • CLIMATE CONTROL: The amount of solar heat that is transported to the building is lower, which means that the energy consumption with which a building must be cooled is lower. The interior temperature of a white roof can be 6-10 degrees compared to a black roof.
  • ROOF LIFE: By eliminating large temperature fluctuations from hot to cold, the lifespan of the roof is extended.
  • REDUCE ENERGY COSTS: air conditioners that draw in air on the roof, have to work less hard on a white roof to cool the air that is drawn in. An air conditioner uses 3 times more energy than heating, so a lot of energy can be saved here.
  • WHITE ROOF COATING IN COMBINATION WITH SOLAR PANELS: Solar panels and a white roof go well together. A white roof reflects the sunlight and significantly increases the efficiency of the solar panels.

Instructions for use white roof coating:

  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE To 1 kg of roof coating white, add to 0.6 liters of water and mix this by machine (with a drill) until a smooth mixture
  • PROPORTION 1 kg roof coating white: 0.6 liters of water
  • APPLICATION TIME Since it is a fresh product, the prepared paint should be applied within 1.5 to 2 hours
  • PROCESSING Block brush and roller
  • PROCESSING TEMPERATURE Not below 5 ° C and above 25 ° C
  • PRE-TREATMENT Pre-spray the substrate and make it dust-free –
  • do not use primer for adhesion
  • Consumption: 1 package; approx. 30 m2